In world football there are many famous and old clubs. Naturally, these teams will win the hearts of fans all over the world. Not only in the world sports industry, but these clubs do not contribute a lot to the betting victories that players can receive. This means that when you are able to follow all these famous clubs regularly, you will be able to know the information needed for an online football betting match.

Here, let's take a look at the top 7 the most famous football clubs on the planet! 

1. Manchester United - Premier League

Manchester United is considered one of the world famous football clubs. With a fan base of up to 750 million people - MU proved overwhelming compared to the rest.

According to statistics, Manchester United is worth about 3 billion pounds. Estimated annual revenue is 591 million pounds. MU is also one of the football clubs in the world owning the most noble titles. Old Trafford arena is undoubtedly the dream place of many fans around the world.

2. Barcelona - La Liga

FC Barcelona is also one of the most famous football clubs in the world. According to statistics, the value of the club in the top league in Spain is nearly 3 billion pounds. Barcelona's annual revenue is a sky-high figure and falls to around 566 million pounds.

As a club that brings enormous color changes for football in the world, Barcelona has won countless titles, big and small. In particular, to mention the impressive 6 hits in 2009. It was also the time when a football legend was strongly asserted - Lionel Messi. Barcelona's home court is the Camp Nou stadium.

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3. Real Madrid - La Liga

Real Madrid - the Spanish royal team is one of the greatest football clubs in Spanish history. The reason this team gets this is because it has almost the world's top football stars. According to statistics, the value of Real Madrid falls around 3 billion pounds and annual revenue of 589 million pounds.

Real Madrid's home court is the Santiago Bernabeu stadium. This is also one of the largest stadiums in the world today. 

In the history of the club, Real Madrid has also owned many great titles and prizes in the world. Currently, the Bernabeu team is still the club that won the Champions League the most. check out site online sportsbook at Joker123 Singapore

4. Chelsea - Premier League

Chelsea is one of the famous clubs in the Premier League as well as around the world. Chelsea is also known as The Blues. As one of the oldest teams in England, Chelsea has also owned nearly all the noble titles from the Premier League to the Europa League and the Champions League.

Chelsea's home ground is called Stamford Bridge Stadium. Coming here is considered the dream of many fans around the world. According to statistics, Chelsea has about 145 million fans. The team is worth £1.5 billion and the revenue is also very high when owning £347 million annually.

5. Liverpool - Premier League

Liverpool is also known as the Reds. This is one of the teams with the oldest history in England. Like the above names, Liverpool has also won most of the big and small titles in the traditional room. In the past few years, Liverpool is returning with a squad that is considered to be extremely quality.

Liverpool's home court is Anfield. This is one of the most pressure stadiums in the world. The reason, the red brigade owns more than 100 million fans with a fighting spirit that never backs down. The current club value is more than £1 billion.

6. Bayern Munich - Bundesliga

Bayern Munich is known as the team with the oldest tradition and the most successful in German football history. In the history of the club, Bayern Munich has participated in many major tournaments and also achieved countless successes for themselves. In particular, this club keeps me up to 5 Champions League titles and many Bundesliga champions.

According to statistics, the amount of money that the German team earns on an annual average is about £514 million. Bayern's stadium is Allianz. It's no surprise that Bayern Munich is in the top 7 of the most famous football clubs in the world.

7. PSG - Ligue 1

In Ligue 1 for many years now, it is still the dominance of PSG. The club owns an extremely quality squad. PSG was dubbed the rich man of France when regularly activating blockbusters. In particular, Neymar is a typical example.

PSG's home court is the Le Parc des Princes stadium. According to recorded statistics, PSG owns about 35 million fans worldwide. Meanwhile, this team is worth 990 million pounds and revenue is 425 million pounds per year.


Above are the top 7 world famous football clubs. Naturally, there are a few other names besides such as: Arsenal, Juventus, Manchester City, etc. But the above names are still the best names in the history of world football. You can get information about the clubs as well as the schedule of each club and the players and their performance. ThThis is extremely useful to help you win if participating in the online football betting games. Choosing yourself for a reputable online casino is also important in the online sports betting industry. There is a house edge that we always recommend players try to get the best services and utilities in the world - Bet88SG. Hope you will be able to have the best experience at this online casino Singapore. Good luck!