Sicbo is a popular game that appears at most bookmakers. The game has simple rules, but if you want to win, you need to have some tips and experience playing Sicbo. The following article We will guide players on how to play Sicbo and some important tips shared from professional players.


What Is Sicbo?

Sicbo is a game that uses sets of 3 dices. Each dice has 6 faces and the score on each side of the dice is marked from 1 to 6.

How To Play Sicbo Game At Online Casino

As mentioned before, the rules of Sicbo are very simple, there are not many rules and rules like other card games (Poker, Blackjack, Baccarat, ...). At the start of the game, players simply place their bets on the choices available on the table. After placing a bet, Dealer will shake the dices. The total score of 3 dices faces is the final result of the bet. On the Sicbo table there will be many different types of betting for players to bet.

  • Any Number

This form of betting is very simple. The player chooses a number and predicts it will appear on the face of the 3 dices. If the result of that number appears then the player wins, the payout depends on the number of dices appearing in the selected number.

Example: Player bet on number 3, if the result of 1 dice shows the number 3 then player wins with ratio 1: 1. Likewise, if 2 dices appear number 3, the win rate is 1: 2 and 3 dices appear a number 3 then the odds are 1: 3.

  • Bet 3 dice total

Players bet based on the total score of the 3 dices. The number of points the player predicts will be from 4 to 17 points. Odds of winning will depend on the probability of scoring and the odds clearly indicated on the table. The highest win rates will be between 1 and 17.

  • Big/Small betting

Over / under is the betting method of choice by most players. With this bet type the player is based on the total score of the 3 dices. If the score between 11 and 17 is Over, 4 to 10 points is Under. The payout for this bet is 1: 1, the odds of winning and losing are 50:50.

  • Two-Dice Combinations
    The player chooses any suit from 1 to 6 for 3 dices. For example, a player bet on a double suit 2, if the result is that 2 dices with the same face 2 appear. The odds for this bet will be awarded at 1: 8. If you want to increase your chances of winning, players can place many different pairs at the same time.

  • Triple bet

Player will bet 3 dices appearing on the same side. Depending on their preference the player can choose from a set of 3 from 1 to 6 to place their bet. The payout odds for this bet type are 1: 150, if any bet appears then the odds are 1:24.