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In world football there are many famous and old clubs. Naturally, these teams will win the hearts of fans all over the world. Not only in the world sports industry, but these clubs do not contribute a lot to the betting victories that players can receive. This means that when you are able to follow all these famous clubs regularly, you will be able to know the information needed for an online football betting match.

Here, let's take a look at the top 7 the most famous football clubs on the planet! 

1. Manchester United - Premier League

Manchester United is considered one of the world famous football clubs. With a fan base of up to 750 million people - MU proved overwhelming compared to the rest.

According to statistics, Manchester United is worth about 3 billion pounds. Estimated annual revenue is 591 million pounds. MU is also one of the football clubs in the world owning the most noble titles. Old Trafford arena is undoubtedly the dream place of many fans around the world.

2. Barcelona - La Liga

FC Barcelona is also one of the most famous football clubs in the world. According to statistics, the value of the club in the top league in Spain is nearly 3 billion pounds. Barcelona's annual revenue is a sky-high figure and falls to around 566 million pounds.

As a club that brings enormous color changes for football in the world, Barcelona has won countless titles, big and small. In particular, to mention the impressive 6 hits in 2009. It was also the time when a football legend was strongly asserted - Lionel Messi. Barcelona's home court is the Camp Nou stadium.

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3. Real Madrid - La Liga

Real Madrid - the Spanish royal team is one of the greatest football clubs in Spanish history. The reason this team gets this is because it has almost the world's top football stars. According to statistics, the value of Real Madrid falls around 3 billion pounds and annual revenue of 589 million pounds.

Real Madrid's home court is the Santiago Bernabeu stadium. This is also one of the largest stadiums in the world today. 

In the history of the club, Real Madrid has also owned many great titles and prizes in the world. Currently, the Bernabeu team is still the club that won the Champions League the most. check out site online sportsbook at Joker123 Singapore

4. Chelsea - Premier League

Chelsea is one of the famous clubs in the Premier League as well as around the world. Chelsea is also known as The Blues. As one of the oldest teams in England, Chelsea has also owned nearly all the noble titles from the Premier League to the Europa League and the Champions League.

Chelsea's home ground is called Stamford Bridge Stadium. Coming here is considered the dream of many fans around the world. According to statistics, Chelsea has about 145 million fans. The team is worth £1.5 billion and the revenue is also very high when owning £347 million annually.

5. Liverpool - Premier League

Liverpool is also known as the Reds. This is one of the teams with the oldest history in England. Like the above names, Liverpool has also won most of the big and small titles in the traditional room. In the past few years, Liverpool is returning with a squad that is considered to be extremely quality.

Liverpool's home court is Anfield. This is one of the most pressure stadiums in the world. The reason, the red brigade owns more than 100 million fans with a fighting spirit that never backs down. The current club value is more than £1 billion.

6. Bayern Munich - Bundesliga

Bayern Munich is known as the team with the oldest tradition and the most successful in German football history. In the history of the club, Bayern Munich has participated in many major tournaments and also achieved countless successes for themselves. In particular, this club keeps me up to 5 Champions League titles and many Bundesliga champions.

According to statistics, the amount of money that the German team earns on an annual average is about £514 million. Bayern's stadium is Allianz. It's no surprise that Bayern Munich is in the top 7 of the most famous football clubs in the world.

7. PSG - Ligue 1

In Ligue 1 for many years now, it is still the dominance of PSG. The club owns an extremely quality squad. PSG was dubbed the rich man of France when regularly activating blockbusters. In particular, Neymar is a typical example.

PSG's home court is the Le Parc des Princes stadium. According to recorded statistics, PSG owns about 35 million fans worldwide. Meanwhile, this team is worth 990 million pounds and revenue is 425 million pounds per year.


Above are the top 7 world famous football clubs. Naturally, there are a few other names besides such as: Arsenal, Juventus, Manchester City, etc. But the above names are still the best names in the history of world football. You can get information about the clubs as well as the schedule of each club and the players and their performance. ThThis is extremely useful to help you win if participating in the online football betting games. Choosing yourself for a reputable online casino is also important in the online sports betting industry. There is a house edge that we always recommend players try to get the best services and utilities in the world - Bet88SG. Hope you will be able to have the best experience at this online casino Singapore. Good luck!

Surely you've heard of the slots world with the exciting games available at online casino. Typically, gambling games are usually suitable for middle-aged players and very few young players participate, especially slot games. Young players often claim that slots are for the elderly or women. However, this is one of the misconceptions about slots. If you are a young player, why not try this most attractive game in the world?


Here are 5 reasons why you should try slots in online casinos. Let's learn more with us!

1. Slots are fun

Try accessing the slots. You will be able to experience the game with flashy, colorful and beautiful designs. Can you hear the siren and bell? The sound of slots games is also very lively and appealing to players. In addition, with a youthful and modern design, these themed slots games are really created for young players.

Most if you want to win other games, you need to prepare a lot of strategies, concentration and complex rules. But with slots, you just need to choose your favorite game, keep track of lucky spins with fun sounds, colors, eye-catching graphics. Meanwhile, you do not need to worry about any other sorrow.

What's even better, you also have the opportunity to receive rewards from the huge progressive jackpot prizes. Interesting! Why not try the slot today!


2. Inexpensive to play

Most slot machines are considered to be the most cash machines at online casinos. With just a penny for each bet, you can join the experience of the most attractive slot games. really suitable for young players and those who do not have a plentiful budget. With only 1 cent, you can find treasures up to hundreds of dollars.
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3. Feel free to work other while playing slots online

As you know, you can play slots anywhere, whenever you want with your mobile device. Many players think that once you get into the game, you can't do anything else. In fact, it is not so. While playing the slot, you absolutely can surf the web, take photos or enjoy an attractive cocktail without fear of affecting the playing process. The only thing you need to keep in mind is not to get out in the middle when the rounds are spinning, otherwise you will lose all the victories you have for that round.

This is one of the necessary reasons to convince young players to try online slot games.


4. Join with your friends happily

This is really an interesting thing. Coming to online slot games, you can spend more time with your friends when having the opportunity to play with your friends. Meanwhile, in most other games, you will find that players often fight alone with other opponents.

You and your friends can sit together, play and chat at the same time. Because the nature of slots is that the game doesn't need to focus too much, you can both chat and win big in the spins.

This is a great way. You can even play the slot on your first date to overcome the initial embarrassment. This game is very attractive, right? Rest assured, even if you are lazy, you can also win lots of winning slots game at these casinos!


5. Changing slot machines

You will not be forced to play permanently in a slot machine. If you're getting tired of the type of device you're playing, you can, of course, switch to another. There are thousands of choices for you, so don't hesitate and find yourself a favorite slot game that suits you. You can even play 20 machines at once. This is one of the attractive features of the slot that you can explore.

Other games may also provide you with many features, bonuses, huge jackpots with extremely high payout rates. Moreover, you can also check the aforementioned features of each slot type with the free demo version. These free versions will help you be more sure of your decision.



Above are some reasons that you should try playing slots. It will be interesting if slots become one of your favorite betting games. Choose a reputable online casino XE88 Singapore to have the best experience! Now, are you ready to try a slot? Let's do it now!

Pragmatic Play Expands Its Partnership With LatamWin in The Latin American markets.

Pragmatic Play - the online casino content creator has launched their entire new slot games on LatamWin casino platform with iGaming software solution experts that expands to Latin America market. 


In the interest of cooperation between LatamWin and Pragmatic play, this content provider will be allowed to integrate all online slot games on LatamWin's ANDES SYSTEM online casino platform.

This agreement contributes to the development as well as marking the milestone for Pragmatic to enter the main market in Latin America. It is also one of the most sought-after companies, iGaming is taking steps to expand its market throughout Latin America.

After signing an agreement with LatamWin, Pragmatic Play's games will now be allowed access to LatamWin's growing network of operator partners.

Over the years, the Realmatic Play system of online slot games has grown rapidly and can accommodate thousands of titles. These games are always unique and easy to attract a lot of players in domestic casinos and around the world. among them, the most outstanding is the Wolf Gold game - has won many great prizes.

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For LatamWin, this operator has many offices based around the world. In particular, they are present in several fertile markets in Latin America including Argentina and Chile as well as seeking to expand their markets in Brazil and Mexico. These are the two countries with the highest rates of casino players in the region.

Pragmatic Play is one of the few operators in iGaming that cooperates with Play'n GO or 918Kiss, LatamWin, Spinomenal, Betsoft and Ezugi are just a few of the others.

Always ready to expand the market

Always Looking for Ways to Expand Footprint

Of their partnership with LatamWin, Pragmatic Play CCO Melissa Summerfield said that they are very pleased to see their slots go live with the LatAm-focused software solutions provider an its ANDES SYSTEM casino platform.

Ms. Summerfield went on to say that they are always looking for ways to expand their footprint across international markets, and LatamWin seems to be a “perfect match” for them.

Talking about working with LatamWin, Pragmatic Play CCO Melissa Summerfield stated that they are happy to see the games they designed are live on the ANDES SYSTEMS platform at one of the major Latin America market operators. 

She said that they are always ready to find ways to expand relationships and are willing to expand the market to international markets. LatamWin seems to be the perfect choice for them.

In the press release, LatamWin Group CEO Wilfred Adelsdofer Velasco said that Pragmatic Play is one of the companies with an impressive reputation along with great games. They are happy to have the opportunity to cooperate with this company and also very pleased to integrate the game content of the provider.

He also noted that they are also looking for mutually beneficial cooperation and hope that cooperating with Pragmatic Play is a right decision. 

Pragmatic Play is currently developing and releasing every 4 online slot games. The company also produces and publishes live casino and bingo products as they offer maximum benefit and multidimensional services.

Last weekend, the provider launched a new Live casino product - Auto-Roulette. This new game is streamed from the company's studio in Bucharest with new enhancements, providing a better experience for players.

Auto-Roulette has a new combination by automatically dropping balls and a turntable. With a user-friendly 3D interface, this new game is available on mobile devices and computers. Players can zoom the wheel to be able to easily integrate into this game.